Premium acetoxy silicone sealant high performance gp silicone sealant for glass use

Brief Description:

Brief Description:

● Premium acetoxy silicone sealant

● Excellent weathering resistance

● Acetoxy silicone sealant glue is used for aquariums and glass sealing

● Waterproof silicone sealant,durable,good adhesion to many materials

● moq:24PCS

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Quick Details

Product name: premium silicone sealant

Color: white, gray, black, customized

Component: one part silicone sealant

Package: 300ml

OEM/ODM: available

Tack free time: 10-30min

Curing time: 3mm/24h


Premium acetoxy silicone sealant high performance gp silicone sealant for glass use

DL680 is a single part,high quality,premium acetic versatile silicone sealant.It has super bonding properties.It is weather resistant,durable and well sealing.

● Premium silicone sealant,clear gp acetoxy silicone adhesive
● Fast curing and permanently flexible silicone sealant, waterproof and outstanding weather resistant
● Excellent adhesive properties,customized package available


Product Name:Premium silicone sealant

Type:One part sealant

Color:Customized color


Usage:Glass sealing,glazing,aquarium

Logo:As your design

Industrial Use:Building use

Origin:Hangzhou, Zhejiang


Place of Origin: China

Brand name: Dely

Certification: SGS REACH ROHS ISO9001

daily output: 10000cartons


● Silicone sealant adhesive,high performance sealant glue,

● No discoloration after long-term exposure to ultraviolet light.

● Fast curing, high strength and high elastic adhesive joints are formed after curing.

● Can be applied in any season,easy to use

● Non-slumping,can be used in vertical and overhead joints

● Suitable for glass sealing and traditional glazing

● Used for window and door sealing,durable sealants


1.Premium silicone sealant & Stable quality.

2.Good adhesion to many materials.

3.Excellent weather resistant performance, waterproof.

4.UV resistant, moisture resistance, excellent aging resistant.

5.No corrosive to metals, marble, ceramics, concrete, stone and glazing glass etc.


1.Used for all general purpose sealing and bonding;

2.Install and fix all kinds of window and door;

3.For architectural decoration,glass,aluminum,wood,brick,ceramic,etc;

4.Sealing and bonding other non-grease products.

5.Widely used in glass industry, aluminum industry,plastic industry,etc.

Payment & Shipping

● Minimum Order Quantity: 1carton

● Price(usd): 0.68-1.38usd/cartridge

● Packaging Details:normal export packaging

● Supply Ability:50000cartons

● Delivery Port: Ningbo

Packaging Details

300ml/cartridge ,24 cartridges/carton

1900 cartons/20' container without pallets; 1600 cartons with pallets

590ml/sausage ,20pcs/carton,1100 cartons/20' container

200L/drum ,75 drums/20'container


1.Avoid contact with eyes and skin,if does, wash it with plenty of clean water. Seek the medical care if necessary.

2.Keep out of reach of children


Store in dry, cool and ventilated place,Shelf life 12 months

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