The application technology of PU sealant in automobile manufacturing

With the advancement of technology and the development of society, automobile manufacturing is moving towards higher performance and greater safety. A key aspect of the automotive manufacturing process is the selection of materials, especially in sealing and gluing. In this regard, polyurethane (PU) sealants are becoming more and more popular and sought after.

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As an important structural bonding material, PU sealants have excellent properties, can work at different temperatures and pressures, and have outstanding corrosion and ageing resistance. In automotive manufacturing, PU sealant is widely used to seal body parts to ensure reliability.

There are several key techniques and best practices to keep in mind when applying PU sealants. Firstly, the exact glue ratio and preparation of the substrate is critical to ensure the effectiveness of the adhesive bond. Secondly, temperature and humidity have a significant impact on the quality of the glue joint and need to be properly controlled and regulated.

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Post time: Oct-16-2023

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