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Epoxy resin has become a very popular craft over the past few years, and we can see why. Resin is an exciting and unique craft that you can use to produce useful and beautiful items. Resin has qualities similar to plastic and glass, making it ideal for a range of crafts. Yet, unlike plastic and glass, you can make resin items at home without complex machines or fire!

If you love to make gifts for friends and family, resin is a useful craft to know. With resin, it’s possible to make some truly beautiful and unique objects. Make everything from jewellery to cake stands and buttons to tabletops! The joy of resin is that each piece is so unique. With the addition of glitter, pigments and dried flowers the creative possibilities are endless!

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What is epoxy resin?


Epoxy resin is a two-part liquid that when mixed together causes a chemical reaction and cures to form a hard object. The resin is mixed with a hardener, and as they are combined they react and produce heat. The epoxy resin comes as a liquid which, when mixed with hardener, creates a solid material. The ratio of resin to hardener varies between brands but is often 1:1.


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Epoxy resin is a synthetic resin that is a liquid that can be poured and moulded into any shape. When the hardener is added the resin will cure as a solid. Mixing instructions will vary between brands so must you follow these. Some resin requires mixing by weight and others by volume.

Resin viscosity – what is it and why do you need to know?

We use the term viscosity to describe how thin or thick the epoxy liquid is. This has a significant effect on the types of projects you can do with it. If your mould has lots of intricate detail then you will need a thin resin (low viscosity) to get into all the details.

Thinner resins (low viscosity) have a longer cure time than thick (low viscosity). This means there will be a longer wait time to de-mould your creations.


By using the incorrect type of viscosity, you could end up having a project that won’t cure. For example, if you used a low viscosity resin to cast a large, deep sphere you may not be able to get the resin out of the mould. If you used a high viscosity resin in an intricate mould, it might not fill all the details.

If you’re still unsure, we’ll guide you through working with resin for the first time in this article!

Is resin heat resistant?

For items that come into contact with heat like coasters, you’ll need to use a heat resistant resin. Cure time for heat resistant resin can be longer (expect to wait several days before you can de-mould).

Resin cure time

Cure time means the length of time it takes for the resin mixture to harden. There are several factors at play; the brand of resin, the atmosphere in which you cure, and the viscosity. 

It will vary from project to project.

Depth and thickness of the resin

There are different types of resin suited to different pour depths. You can find the information stated in the instructions of your resin (usually in CM). It is important to use the correct resin otherwise your resin may not cure and will remain tacky or soft.

Transparency & yellowing resistance

Most resins have a tendency to yellow over time, especially if the resin is clear (no colour). To reduce yellowing, use a resin that states it is resistant to yellowing. You should also store your resin creations out of direct sunlight.

Odour, fumes & toxicity 

Although resins are odour free and non-toxic, proper safety measures should be adhered to. Ensure you read and practice the safety measures as set out in your specific resin. 

It is important to note that resin can be messy. It is vital to put a protective layer over your surface and yourself. Gloves are key, you do not want to get resin on your skin. Please be aware that certain people may have severe allergic reactions to resin.

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Post time: Apr-09-2022