How to make your own crafts with Casting Epoxy Resin ?

DIY enthusiasts can easily create beautiful individual pieces themselves using epoxy resin. Due to the versatility of the synthetic resin, there are practically no limits to creativity in design. The crystal clear material becomes a real eye-catcher with small incorporated elements such as flowers, pearls or glitter particles. The following article provides valuable tips and tricks including instructions on how to make epoxy resin crafts.


Why are casting epoxy resin so popular in DIY items ?

There are two components of casting epoxy resin, A part is epoxy resin and B part is hardener. Their mixing ratio is 1:1 by volume,which is very easier for DIY hobbies or beginners. It is no smell while do casting. And it is liquid,low viscosity is good for mould. There are so many ideas you can try out and the techniques involved are all easy and almost everybody can do it.

You can easily purchase the products from your local crafting stores or there are plenty of products available online. This way you can begin your resin craft project by using an available mold. On the other hand, if you are more experienced, you can start from scratch and begin by creating your own mold. This means you can customize your crafts even more. There are plenty of tutorials and videos available online on How to make epoxy resin crafts, as well as workshops and courses you can take.

What Supplies do you need while doing?

Preparation is always important, so what materials do you need to get started?
●Casting Epoxy Resin
●Epoxy Resin Mold (you can make your own)
● Resin colors and pigments
● Fillers: glitter, dried flowers, beads, photos etc.
●Wax Paper or Resin Work Mat
● Latex Gloves
● Small measuring cups 3 or more
● Squeeze condiment bottle (optional)
● Blow Dryer,Toothpicks and a few popsicle sticks
● An empty box or container to cover your work
● Quick Drying Adhesive


How to make your crafts ?

Here we are sharing the guides of How to make your DIY crafts with epoxy resin as the following steps:

3.1 Preparation
Lay your wax paper down and have everything ready to work with on your worktable, in a well-ventilated space. The wax paper or resin mat is just there to pick up any resin that might drip down. Make sure you have a level table, so the resin mixture can also remain even during the curing process.
Lay your fillers and all your other supplies out, while you are busy with this place your resin and hardener into some hot water. Warming them up will help to prevent any air bubbles and also the mixture will mix more thoroughly.

3.2 Resin Mixing and coloring
Your Casting Epoxy Resin is easy to work with. You have your Resin and your hardener, which you then mix in a 1:1 ratio, or equal parts of each. You should follow the instructions on the labels exactly. You will have two measuring cups, one for the resin and the other for the hardener, each with the same amount inside. Mix these in another cup thoroughly, making sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the cup.
You can now add your resin color to the mixture, blend thoroughly with your mixing tool or Popsicle stick. At this stage, you can also add glitter to the mix. If you want to make more than one color, you will have to make these in separate cups with your resin mixture.

3.3 The casting process
Once you are done mixing, you can then pour into your mold. You can also pour your resin into a condiment bottle, for more precise pouring.
Adding a filler: First, pour a layer of resin into your mold and then add your items. If you need to, pour another layer of resin over the item. Be careful you do not fill your mold too much.
Once your resin has been poured, take a toothpick to get all the bubbles out. You can also take a hairdryer on low with high heat, but make sure to hold it at a distance and slowly bring it straight down. You do not want to blow the resin out of your mold. Since it is such a small piece, a toothpick should be fine.

3.4 Leave it cure
The resin takes 12 to 24 hours to cure completely at 25 degree C. The final hard time depends on the temperature and the mixing volume. Make sure to cover with a box or container, so that no dust or anything else can get into your resin while it is still curing.

3.5 D-moulding
Once the resin has fully cured, you can remove the items form the mold. The correct curing time should be on the resin product label along with instructions. Sometimes sharp edges form, so handle carefully when demolding your item.
You can also use a mold release spray, which helps with the demolding process. This spray should be applied before you pour in your resin mixture into the mold.

3.6 Polishing and finish
Once you have demolded your item and you find some sharp edges, you can remove these with a fine-grit sandpaper. To get a nice shine, you can also use some resin polishing paste. Apply the polish with a soft cloth. Using Crystal Clear Resin will also add to the clear gloss effect. Or could have some professional polishing machines once need it.

Tips to help your Epoxy Resin crafts last longer

● Take note of the resin quality and type. Epoxy Resins are best for this type of craftwork. Is the resin made for doming or molding? What brand is best? Always consider these questions.
● All Resin yellow’s overtime, but depending on the brand, you can get products that will lengthen the time before yellowing sets in.
● You should still store and keep your resin crafts away from direct sunlight.
● Avoid leaving your crafts where there is extreme heat, as it can become damaged. For example, do not leave it sitting in direct sunlight in your car.
● The resin can pick up scratches on the surface. Such as if you make resin rings or jewelry,better to take care once you do work. Many creams, lotions, perfume might have chemicals that could cause long-term damage, especially harsh chemicals such as nail polish remover. Try to remember to remove your ring before using any of these products.
● Keep your crafts in a cool, dark, preferably airtight container.

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