Dely Auto PU Sealants for Car Windshield Use

PU Sealants and non structural adhesives are mainly used in automobile assembly, for example, the non structural adhesives are used to bond the door, bottom plate, sunroof, sealing materials, nameplates, signs and other parts with small stress areas; Sealants shall be used to seal pipelines, interior facilities, doors and windows.



Sealing of windshield 

The use of adhesive for windshield can avoid water, oil and air leakage of automobile glass. In automobile assembly, the commonly used adhesives for windshield are polyurethane sealant, etc.


Sealing of automobile full body welds

The welding seams of the whole body shall be sealed in the automobile assembly. After the welding seams are sealed with adhesive, the weight of the vehicle body can be effectively reduced to avoid corrosion.



Sealing of sheet metal parts

When sealing sheet metal parts, vinyl plastisol is generally used. This adhesive is white paste and becomes soft elastomer after being plasticized by heat. It has very high strength, good wear resistance, chemical resistance and insulation.

4. Sealing of pipe fitting joints

The joint of automobile pipe fittings is sealed with adhesive, which can effectively prevent the leakage of automobiles from causing damage to personal safety, reduce the vibration damage of some pipe fittings, and improve the safety performance of pipe fittings.


Bonding of automobile nameplate and logo

In the past, the automobile nameplate was riveted, and the overall fitting was not rigorous enough, lacking in aesthetics. Now, adhesives with large adhesive strength, wide area, good oil resistance and anti-aging performance are widely used to bond nameplates and signs.



Bonding of automobile interior trim

The interior of the car is mostly made of leather, artificial leather, foam plastic, artificial sponge and other non-metallic materials. Often use some solvent based adhesive for bonding, which is volatile.

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Post time: Nov-22-2022