Best Car Windshield Waterproof PU Polyurethane Adhesive Sealant

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● P56 performance polyurethane sealant is a single component, high thixotropy, does not flow, low odor polyurethane adhesive

● It can bond and seal of windshield for assembly and maintenance purposes

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Model Number: P50

Type: Paste

Packing: 300ml/cartridge,600ml/sausage

Feature: Excellent bonding performance, primer-less

Color:  Black, Grey, and Other Customer-made Colors

Main Raw Material: Polyurethane

Shelf life:12 Months

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Best Car Windshield Waterproof PU Polyurethane Adhesive Sealant

PU50 is a one component moisture curing polyurethane sealant and adhesive with excellent primer-free adhesion to automotive, marine and most other building substrates.It has heat resistant and good adhesion for base material such as glass, metal and so on.  Typical use  It is widely used in the sealing and maintenance of all kinds of materials for front glass, vehicle body, containers and shipbuilding.


Product Name: Windshield pu sealant

Packing: 300ml/cartridge,600ml/sausage

Color: Black, White, Customized

Shelf life: 12 Months

Usage: For windshield replacement

Logo: As Your Design

Industrial Use: Construction,Transportation

Origin: Hangzhou Zhejiang

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Place of Origin: China

Brand name: Dely

Certification: SGS,ISO 9001

Daily output: 10000PCS


● High strength,eco-friendly, primerless

● High thixotropic, high operating efficiency

● Good wear and weather resistance

● It is resistant to salt water and most chemicals

● Fast curing with permanent and durable elasticity

● Water resistance, UV resistance

Typical Use

● Bonding and sealing of windshield for assembly and maintenance purposes

● Welding, sealing and bonding for automotive, buses, containers, and ships

Payment & Shipping

● Minimum Order Quantity: 2400

● Price(usd)

● Packaging Details: normal export packaging

● Supply Ability: 50000PCS

● Delivery Port: ningbo/shanghai

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  • Appearance Black paste
    Density(g/cm3) 1.35±0.05
    Tack free time(min) 40~50
    Cure speed(mm/24h) 3.0
    Application temperature(℃) 5~35℃

    ● Clean the surface of substrates, keep it dry,no dust and grease

    ● Open the cap and the cover of bottom (sausage one: cut one end buckle), put on the nozzle, cut the appropriate size according to the width of the joint, apply the glue to the clean surface, and assemble it in the tack free time. . The construction is preferably at the temperature of 20 to 30 ° C and humidity of 50 to 70% RH; if the temperature and humidity are too low, the curing will be slow, and if the temperature and humidity are too high, bubbles will appear in the cured layer.

    ● During the application and curing process, the polyurethane adhesive should avoid contact with chemicals containing hydroxyl, amino etc., which will cause the polyurethane adhesive

    ● packaging in a cool and dry storage place at temperatures between +5°C and +25°C

    ● Use out the opened glue as soon as possible. If the left glue is stored for a short time, it should be sealed and stored. If there is a little crust at the opening, it can be removed without influence the use. The nozzle is stored during storage. There may also be a small amount of crust, which can be used normally after removal without affecting performance

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